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The intersection of American business and global poverty

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Ad, advocacy, added clutter on a box? What do you see?

Explanation of Whole Food's social mission on the side of their cereal box

Ever look at the side of a Whole Food’s cereal box?

Get excited! Photo essay coming soon to a blog post near you!

All this time I’ve been looking at businesses and giving my own 2 cents on the way they represent poverty. But those posts have just shown my take on it. What are the real reasons people buy socially responsible products? Do we still remember these reasons 10 days after we buy something or the next time we see the same brand?

For the next week, I will be searching for “conscious consumers” to find out what they really think of the values that their favorite products claim to embody. I will then take a photo of their favorite products and the different labels that are put on them.

Imagine if the products we buy explicitly represent the reasons we buy them. If everywhere you go, your coffee cup has a picture of a fair trade worker. Every step you take leaves the print of a pillow to show how comfortable you feel walking in them. Talk about lasting branding! Is that really what every business aims for?