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[Videos] Get Ready Social Media, Because Social IMPACT Media is Taking Over

Screenshot from The Girl Store video: "We wanted to do something about it"

Screenshot from The Girl Store video

Today on Twitter I read a tweet by GOOD¬†that mentioned a Media for Social Impact conference that will be hosted by the United Nations Office for Partnerships and PVLIC Foundation tomorrow (4/11/2014). I immediately clicked the link, seeing that this title alone encapsulates my passion, my goal in life, my obsession. I cannot believe they made a whole conference about it! After mentally adding this conference to my life’s bucket list, I explored the website and found these 6 commercials that amplify a positive social message. Each topic was completely different from the rest, but they were all beautiful messages worth sharing. Here is my personal ranking of the 5 company ads featured on that site:

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[Video] Confessions of a Conscious Consumer

More and more brands are jumping on the trend to be “socially responsible.” They say that those who buy these products are “conscious consumers” who care about the issues in the world. But what are the real reasons that people buy socially responsible products? I asked 10 consumers to give me their answers, and I investigated just how aware people are of these companies’ good deeds.