Poverty Pitch

The intersection of American business and global poverty

Research Pages

Business and poverty are two complex spheres of thought. There are so many theories, so many models, so many acronyms that go into understanding each of these terms. Through these pages, I will provide an overview of these subjects and provide you with the basics needed to understand how these two spheres can coincide. If you would like to read more about a particular concept or topic, feel free to check the resources section.

My research is broken down into three parts:

Global Poverty

Poverty is a crucial social issue affecting every country in the world. In this section, I will provide the facts on poverty to give an overview of the problem at hand and why it is important that we find effective means to alleviate this issue.

Millennial Development

The year 2000 sparked a revolution where nations across the globe pledged to fight against poverty. Here we will trace the efforts of various institutions that outlined specific goals to achieve and different strategies to achieve them.

 American Business

American businesses have increasingly been getting involved in the fight against poverty. This section will showcase the various business models used to achieve this goal and the different stakeholders that influence this process.