Poverty Pitch

The intersection of American business and global poverty

Global Poverty

Poverty is a crucial social issue affecting every country in the world. In this section, I will provide the facts on poverty to give an overview of the problem at hand and why it is important that we find effective means to alleviate this issue.

Quick Facts 

Here are some quick facts on poverty based on the United Nations’ 2012 Millennium Development Goals Report[1] (click to view prezi below)

1.4 billion or 24% of the world’s population live bellow $1.25 (2008)

— Around 863 million people are living in slums

456 million workers live with less than $1.25 a day (2011)

— Around 58% of employment in developing countries is considered “vulnerable employment.” Oftentimes this informal form of work comes with a low salary and low-quality working conditions

850 million or 15.5% of the world population is undernourished (2006-2008)

—Children in rural areas of developing countries are more likely to be underweight than children in urban households.

61 million primary school aged children are out of school (2010)

—Many of the children who make it though primary school do not go on to secondary school because of lack of resources

Children from the poorest 20% of households are twice as likely than the top 20% to die before they reach 5-years old (2010)

—Children of educated mothers are more likely to survive than other children

Human Development Index

The United Nations measures the conditions in a country using the Human Development Index (HDI). This index takes into account a person’s life expectancy, educational attainment, and income. Thus, reflecting how poverty is both an economic and social issue issue. The values used depict each country’s relation to standardized goalposts for each criteria. [2] According to the Human Development Report of 2011, the countries with the lowest HDI are all located in Africa:

1) The Democratic Republic of Congo (0.286)

2) Niger (0.295)

3) Burundi (0.316)

4) Mozambique (0.322)

5) Chad (3.28)

A screenshot of the United Nation's Development Programme website's <a href="http://hdr.undp.org/en/data/map/">interactive tool</a> showing showing the relationship of the US's HDI to the rest of the world

Map of the HDI distribution around the world in relation to the United States (based on UN Human Development Report 2011)
screenshot taken from the United Nations Development Programme website’s interactive HDI data tool


[1]Millennium Development Goals Report 


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